Jan Box has worked as a consultant for the Sweetwater School District in Wyoming since summer of 2013 mentoring the Chief Academic Office with a focus on strategic planning, increasing student achievement and planning professional development for principals.

Prior to this she worked in Jefferson County Schools and Denver Public Schools as a teacher and instructional coach. Ms. Box had the opportunity to write and roll out curriculum in math, social studies and literacy while working as a coach. She also worked as an assistant principal and principal while in Denver. In her roles as principal and Instructional Superintendent she worked on a data team project with her schools and became part of the EPIC (Effective Practice Incentive Community) research project. She has a proven track record of increasing student learning and state test results.

Jan Box served as an Instructional Superintendent in Denver Public Schools, supervising elementary and K-8 principals in the central area of Denver before working in Wyoming. In this role she facilitated professional development for her principals focused on District goals, improved achievement through increased awareness on data collection and supported the principals in her network.

Maureen Sanders has served on the National Initiatives team of the New York City Leadership Academy (NYCLA) for two years as a consultant/lead facilitator/designer. Prior to NYCLA, Maureen worked for the Denver Public Schools where she served as the Executive Director of Leadership Development for the Denver Public Schools, Denver, Colorado. She was recruited to Denver nine years ago from Los Angeles where she was serving as the Director of the California School Leadership Academy, Los Angeles County, where she provided principal preparation and school leadership professional development for 81 school districts. She also served as a high school principal and assistant principal for over 15 years.

In her role in Denver, she was instrumental in the co-creation of the Ritchie Fellow Aspiring Principal Preparation Program in partnership with the University of Denver that has now been nationally recognized in several recently published research articles as being one of the top principal preparation programs across a number of other university programs throughout the country. Maureen's other responsibilities in DPS included ongoing coaching of principals and designing principal professional development support for all sitting principals and assistant principals in the district and facilitation of meetings for Instructional Superintendents. Maureen also designed and facilitated retreats for the Instructional Superintendent team as well as principals and their staffs. Additionally she designed and facilitated an Assistant Principal program to prepare current Assistant Principals for the principalship.

Patricia Slaughter is the former Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education for Denver Public Schools. In addition to being a member of the Senior Leadership Team, Pat was responsible for the supervision of five Instructional Superintendents who directly supervised and supported principals and teachers in 72 elementary and K-8 schools with a focus on improving principal leadership, classroom instruction and student achievement. Under her leadership, the Elementary Education Division saw an increase in state assessment results in reading, writing, math and science. Pat also supervised the Executive Director of Student Services whose department provides support and resources to schools in the areas of special education, mental and emotional health and nursing services.

Prior to becoming the Assistant Superintendent, Pat was the Instructional Superintendent for the district’s 17 middle schools. She developed a strong, cohesive team of principals through collaboration and active involvement in a professional learning community. During her 32 years in education, Pat also served as a middle school principal, assistant principal, technology training specialist, and teacher. She was successful in developing academic programs for a new middle school serving 900 students, and for a technology-based school-within-a-school.